The Realities Trilogy

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Cover of Mirrored Realities

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Catelyn is still in high school, but she plans to be an astrophysicist like her father. When he disappears, her mother insists that everything is okay.

Catelyn accidentally stumbles through a portal to an alternate reality where she finds that her mother was very wrong.

It's impossible to know who to trust. Even the other Catelyn is suspect.

Can Catelyn rescue her father from a government run by a military dictator who'd do anything to get his hands on the portal between the realities?

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Cover of Island Inheritance

The second book in the Realities Trilogy, 'Fractured Realities', will be published later in 2018

Catelyn is determined to get back to New Washington, the alternate reality where her parents are trapped. She knows she can trust her friends in her own world, but can they actually help her?

Cat, hiding out in New Washington, has problems of her own. With the police looking for her, she's going to have to decide to trust someone, but who?

Can the pair work together to rescue Catelyn's parents and get everyone back to the reality where they belong?

Cover of Island Heritage

The third book in the Realities Trilogy, 'Convergent Realities', will be published later in 2018

With the only remaining portal between the realities safely locked away, things should be returning to normal for Catelyn and her family, but when someone starts writing "help" across the portal's mirror, Catelyn can't ignore the people she left behind in New Washington.

Cat and her parents are making their way across the US, trying to find a place to call home in their new reality, but Catelyn is convinced they're making plans to go back to New Washington, and that can only be bad news for both realities.

Can Catelyn and Cat work together again, this time to stop Cat's parents before they can put their plan into action?

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