Markham Sisters Mysteries

The Markham Sisters Cozy Mystery Novella Series features quick reads with lighter story lines (and a lot fewer bodies) than the Isle of Man Cozy Mystery Series. They are best read in alphabetical order, like the Isle of Man Cozy books. You do not have to read that series to enjoy this one.

Please note that these are novella length stories (around 25,000 words). Each story is complete with no cliff hanger endings.

Cover of Book 1

The first Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Janet Markham enjoyed meeting Bessie Cubbon on the Isle of Man when she and her sister, Joan, were on holiday there. (See Aunt Bessie Decides.) Janet especially enjoyed hearing about the different investigations Bessie had been involved with over the previous months.

Now back in Derbyshire, Janet and Joan have just purchased a small bed and breakfast, Doveby House, but Janet finds herself doing her own investigating. Just how did the previous owner, Margaret Appleton, die? Margaret's son isn't happy that he was left out of his mother's will, but what's he so desperate to get inside Doveby House to find? And are there really ghosts in Janet's bedroom, the library and the coach house?

Cover of Book 2

The second Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Janet and Joan Markham are starting to feel settled in their new home. Now Joan is ready to start welcoming guests to their bed and breakfast, but Janet isn't so sure. When an unexpected visitor turns up, the sisters can't agree on what exactly they should do with the man, who is just a little too charming for Janet's liking.

When the sisters learn that an escaped criminal might be hiding in their small Derbyshire village, they can't help but wonder if their guest is the man in question. A sudden rush of new arrivals to the area, all men around the same age as the escaped convict, has the sisters viewing everyone with suspicion. Was their first paying guest romantically involved with the previous owner? Why is he working so hard to charm Janet? With so many strangers around, all seemingly hiding something, can Janet resist doing a little bit of her own investigating?

Cover of Book 3

The third Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Now that Janet and Joan Markham have had their first (albeit unexpected) guest, Joan is eager to get the bed and breakfast running properly. A shopping trip for some paintings to decorate the guest rooms leaves Janet convinced that William Chalmers, a man she doesn't like anyway, is up to no good.

When some of William's friends come to stay with the sisters, Janet's suspicions are heightened. A second set of guests keeps the women busy, but Janet can't help but wonder when the two couples become unlikely friends.

What exactly is William Chalmers doing in the back room of his new antique shop? Are their disagreeable guests, the Stones, working with him on something criminal? And why can't all of their paying visitors be like the Harrisons, who are quiet and respectable?

Cover of Book 4

The fourth Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Janet and Joan Markham are settling in to running their bed and breakfast and their new life in Doveby Dale. Janet is excited to discover a hidden panel and a piggy bank that holds a key. She's eager to find out what the key is for, but Joan isn't really interested.

Joan is busy spending time with their handsome neighbour, Michael Donaldson. But Michael finds himself being investigated by the police after some problems at the local chemist shop and Janet is surprised to find that Joan is more anxious to snoop than she is.

Can the sisters find time to snoop while the house is full of guests? Can they clear Michael's name? Can Janet find a lock to open with her key?

Cover of Book 5

The fifth Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

The bed and breakfast is now up and running and Janet and Joan are looking forward to welcoming their last guests before they take a break for Christmas. The news that someone is passing counterfeit currency around Doveby Dale is worrying.

Both couples that arrive at Doveby House seem odd to the sisters, and so does William Chalmer's new friend, Karen Holmes. The library keeps turning up surprises, including a beautiful oak tantalus, while the police keep turning up more counterfeit twenty pounds notes.

Is it possible that some of their guests are counterfeiters? Why is Karen Holmes interested in the much older William Chalmers? And what other secrets will the library reveal?

Cover of Book 6

The sixth Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

With Christmas out of the way, the sisters are ready to reopen the bed and breakfast, but it seems as if guests are few and far between in cold and wet January.

Joan and Janet are happy to welcome a young couple for a weekend stay, although Janet has mixed emotions about their other visitor, Margaret Burns, an older woman sent to Doveby House by the mysterious Edward Bennett.

A series of break-ins around the village of Doveby Dale worries all of the small business owners in the area, including the sisters and their friend William Chalmers. When the burglar strikes at one of the homes right across the street from Doveby House, Janet and Joan are even more concerned.

Can the sisters help their local constable, Robert Parsons, find out who has been breaking and entering? Is it possible the young couple staying at Doveby House is involved? And can Janet resist asking Margaret Burns far too many nosy questions?

Cover of Book 7

The seventh Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Joan and Janet are starting to feel at home in Doveby Dale. Janet has even joined the Doveby Dale Ladies' Club, a group of women who meet for dinner on a monthly basis.

But when one of the other members suggests adding men to the club, the ladies find they can't agree. An arranged gathering with the ladies and a few potential male members worries Janet. Gerald Butler-Smythe is a retired investment banker who seems far too interested in everyone else's finances.

Janet doesn't really care one way or other about letting men into the club, but she doesn't want to stand by and see her new friends being cheated out of their hard-earned money.

With a long-term guest staying at the bed and breakfast and other guests coming and going, can Janet find time to investigate the sophisticated Gerald? What else will the sisters find in their carriage house? And should Janet invite William Chalmers to join the club as well, if men are welcome?

Cover of Book 8

The eighth Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Janet Markham is excited that Edward Bennett is coming to stay at Doveby House, the bed and breakfast that she owns with her sister, Joan. Edward may or may not be a secret government agent, but he is definitely attractive and interesting, at least as far as Janet is concerned. When a fire in Doveby Dale turns out to have been arson, both Janet and Edward want to learn more.

Joan doesn't approve of their getting involved, but Janet can't resist a bit of snooping, especially when Edward is as eager as she is to investigate.

Can Janet and Edward work out who started the fire? Is Edward really interested in Janet or does he have some other motive for visiting? And what will Aggie, Janet's kitten, think of the visitor?

Cover of Book 9

The ninth Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Guests at Doveby House don't usually pay by credit card, but when one tries and his card is refused, Janet Markham can't help but wonder if there's something more going on that a simple glitch in the credit card machine.

As more stories of troublesome cards spread through Doveby Dale, Janet gets more curious, but unexpected guests keep her too busy to do much. As she and Joan work on clearing out the carriage house, a new mystery presents itself.

Can Janet work out what links the credit card cases together? Will she be able to help Constable Robert Parsons solve the case or just get in his way? Who was Alberta Montgomery? And why were boxes of her letters and books of poetry left in the carriage house?

Cover of Book 10

The tenth Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

When their neighbour, Stuart, asks for a simple favour, Janet and Joan Markham can't refuse. They're happy to let the man use their bed and breakfast, Doveby House, for a planning meeting. Stuart is part of a committee that's putting together a charity fundraiser and the sisters are happy to support his efforts.

The committee members are an odd mix of retired London professionals and local characters, including Doveby Dale's resident historian. He's been ignoring Janet's efforts to find out more about Alberta Montgomery, a former resident of Doveby House.

Can the sisters help Stuart put together a successful fundraiser? Can Janet get her questions about Alberta answered? Is there something criminal going on behind the scenes, and is it possible that someone from Doveby Dale is part of the conspiracy?

Cover of Book 11

The eleventh Markham Sisters mystery is available for the Kindle.

Back from their holiday on the Isle of Man, Janet and Joan Markham are ready to reopen the bed and breakfast to guests. Janet is surprised to learn that one of the guests who will be arriving soon is William Chalmers's former wife, Alice. But William, who runs a local antique shop, has bigger problems than that.

He's been receiving anonymous letters, telling him to leave Doveby Dale. While he has reasons for not wanting to involve the police in the problem, once he tells Janet about it, she insists on discussing the matter with Robert Parsons, the local constable.

Just because Robert is on the case, though, doesn't mean that Janet is staying out of it. William has several business associates who might benefit from driving William out of business.

Could one of them be behind the letters? Or could Alice be trying to get her former husband to move back to London? Can Janet deal with American visitors and Alice Chalmers at the same time and help William as well?

Cover of Book 12

The twelfth Markham Sisters mystery is available to pre-order for the Kindle.

Janet Markham is starting to feel almost settled at the bed and breakfast she owns with her sister, Joan. When their neighbour and gardener, Stuart, tells Janet that he thinks someone might be growing plants for illegal drug manufacturing in Doveby Dale, Janet insists that they go straight to the police. Stuart agrees, but only if they visit the farmer he believes may be providing the land for the operation first.

A visit to Martin Lawley's farm raises more questions than it answers, though. It seems obvious that something suspicious is going on, but what?

Can Janet work out what Martin's stepson is really up to? Can Aggie, Janet's clever kitten, help identify the criminals? And can Janet and Joan deal with their most difficult guests yet?

[Released March 16th 2018]

Cover of collection 1

The first Markham Sisters mystery collection is available for the Kindle and also in paperback.

The first four Markham Sisters Novellas - all in one place for one great low price:

  • The Appleton Case
  • The Bennett Case
  • The Chalmers Case
  • The Donaldson Case

These four stories are all novella length (around 25,000 words each) and are cozy mysteries without any dead bodies!

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