Isle of Man Romances

The Isle of Man Romance series consists of "sweet" romance novels set in the beautiful Isle of Man. The novels feature re-occurring characters and might be best read in order, but each one is a complete story on its own.

Cover of Island Escape

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Katie's life changes dramatically only a few months before her planned wedding. With the wedding cancelled, an unexpected opportunity to do some research on the picturesque Isle of Man seems the perfect escape. She can get away from all the sympathetic looks and gossipy remarks and focus on her career while nursing her broken heart.

Finlo Quayle is the gorgeous owner of the island's only charter airline. William Corlett is the intelligent and sexy man who runs the Institute that is funding Katie's research. Katie finds herself being fought over by two very different men, both of whom attract her in very different ways.

Now the only thing Katie is sure of is she isn't going to let a ghost make any decisions about her love life for her.

Cover of Island Inheritance

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Carly thinks her life is just about perfect. She recently bought an adorable little house in her hometown in Pennsylvania. She has a job she loves, teaching first grade at the same elementary school she once attended. And she has the same boyfriend that she fell in love with in that very school, when they were both in third grade. He'll get around to proposing one day, she's just sure of it. Carly doesn't want to change anything in her life.

Doncan thinks his life is just about perfect. He's followed in his father's and his grandfather's footsteps and is an advocate (lawyer) on the Isle of Man dealing mostly with estates and trusts. This earns him a generous income that allows him to drive a luxury car and live in a fabulous penthouse apartment. He's never short of female company and he doesn't want to change anything in his life.

When Carly's grandmother inherits a cottage on the Isle of Man, Carly makes the journey to the Island to settle the estate. Doncan wants the paperwork signed and the cottage safely sold to his cousin who is ready to tear it down and build luxury apartments in its place. Carly falls in love with the old cottage and the beautiful Island, while Doncan tries hard to keep her happy so she will sign on the dotted line. Suddenly both of their lives are changing in ways neither of them ever imagined.

Cover of Island Heritage

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Lisa and Darcy have been best friends since primary school, when they agreed that school was boring and boys were gross. Twenty-odd years later, Darcy has definitely moved on. She's now a gorgeous redhead with a figure that stops traffic and a taste for men who won't commit. Lisa's happily single and focused on her job in IT, which she loves.

When Darcy finally meets a nice guy who doesn't have commitment issues, Lisa's thrilled. Mark Blake works for Manx National Heritage and not only is he very nice, but also smart and attractive, with dark hair and stunning blue eyes.

With a friend's wedding fast approaching, Darcy is determined to find Lisa the perfect man, or at least a decent date for the wedding. As Lisa endures a series of miserable blind dates, she gets a new assignment at work. She's to install a new computer system for Manx National Heritage, working closely with their special projects director, Mark.

Lisa finds that she enjoys Mark's company and they work well together. As they make their way around the island, visiting heritage sites and getting to know each other, she's horrified to find herself falling for her best friend's boyfriend. She and Darcy have never fought over a man before, and she would never do anything to mess up their friendship. Besides, what man would look twice at her, when he's already involved with the stunningly beautiful Darcy?

More blind dates, more heritage sites and one interfering ghost turn Lisa's life upside down. Can she find her happily ever after and keep her best friend in the process?

Cover of Island Christmas

Available for the Kindle.

Darcy Robinson couldn't be happier that her best friend, Lisa, has found the man of her dreams. Now it's time for Darcy to make some big changes of her own. Quitting her job was easy, but finding a new one proves a little bit more difficult.

Gorgeous, sexy and super wealthy Alastair Breckenridge seems more like the perfect boyfriend, not the perfect boss. But Darcy is determined to keep her personal life and her new career separate. If only she could persuade Alastair to believe her as she begins working on making "Manx Christmas World" an event to remember.

Alastair is the least of her problems, though, once she meets Kerron Kewley, the handsome and muscular farmer who owns the land where the event is scheduled to be held. He doesn't want anything to do with "Manx Christmas World" and he's determined to make Darcy either relocate the event or cancel it altogether.

Can Darcy succeed at her new job and make "Manx Christmas World" a success?

Can she resist Alastair's charms, at least until after opening day?

Can she ignore the unmistakable chemistry between herself and Kerron Kewley, even as they argue their way towards the biggest Christmas extravaganza the island has ever seen?

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