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Fenella Woods is surprised and thrilled to learn that she's inherited a beautiful seaside apartment on the Isle of Man. Although she was born on the island, her family moved to the US when she was only two, and she's never even visited there before she sells everything she owns and takes up residence. Starting a new life at forty-eight isn't going to be easy, but she soon makes several new friends. Finding dead bodies wasn't in her plans, but then living with a ghost and a kitten weren't either.

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The first Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available for the Kindle.

Fenella Woods has only met a few people during the twenty-four hours she's been in Douglas, the capital city of the Isle of Man. She's shocked when she discovers one of them dead in an alley behind her apartment building.

Struggling to adapt to her new life in a foreign country seems easy compared to coping with finding herself in the middle of a murder investigation.

Nearly fifty and newly single, Fenella meets a handsome police inspector, a dashing new neighbor, and a sophisticated businessman, all of whom have her questioning her determination to remain unattached.

Having a ghost for a roommate and a kitten as an uninvited houseguest has her questioning her decision to start a new life on the small island in the Irish Sea after all.

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The second Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available for the Kindle.

Fenella Woods is excited to be taking the ferry across the Irish Sea to England so that she can begin her research. When she finds a dead body in her cabin, she has to change her plans.

The police seem convinced that the killer is one of the other passengers who had a cabin reserved for the journey.

Fenella meets a group of suspects that includes a wealthy couple, an older man and his much younger wife, and a retired and incredibly nosy woman.

Finding herself caught up in the middle of another murder investigation isn't pleasant for Fenella. This time Fenella is determined not to take any advice from her dead aunt who continues to occupy the luxury apartment that used to be her home. Her kitten, Katie, isn't much help either, as she seems determined to cause as much mischief as she possibly can.

While Fenella wants to help Inspector Robinson find the killer before he or she strikes again, she'd much prefer a quiet life in her new island home.

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The third Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available for the Kindle.

Fenella Woods is nervous but eager to start driving lessons on the Isle of Man. Having never driven a manual transmission before, she quickly finds herself struggling with having to change gears with her left hand while sitting on what feels like the wrong side of the car and driving on what seems to be the wrong side of the road.

Her friendship with CID Inspector Daniel Robinson is less stressful. He's going through some cold cases and he asks her to share her thoughts. Daniel seems to think that she'll have a different perspective on the investigations because she doesn't know any of the people involved. He's surprised to find that the first case he mentions, a missing person from thirty years earlier, involves Fenella's new driving instructor.

Fenella's aunt Mona, who is either a ghost or a figment of Fenella's imagination, has her own ideas about both the missing person and an unconnected thirty-year-old murder investigation that Daniel is also reopening. And of course, she's eager for Fenella to get involved in both cases.

Fenella isn't sure she's ready to try to deal with driving lessons, two cold cases, one nosy aunt, a kitten who needs surgery, and three different men who all appeal to her in very different ways. She knew her life was going to change when she moved to the Isle of Man, but she wasn't anticipating quite this much excitement.

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The fourth Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available for the Kindle.

When Fenella Woods decided to cut all of her ties in Buffalo, New York to move to the Isle of Man, she didn't even give pets a single thought. Not long after she'd settled in, however, she'd found herself with a kitten. Just back from a fortnight of research in London, the last thing she's expecting is that she's going to find herself looking after two dogs as well.

When Fenella and her good friend, Shelly Quirk, find a stray dog on Douglas Beach, Shelly quickly recognizes him and knows where he belongs. The problem is, his owner, Harvey, seems to have disappeared. Shelly's cat won't let Winston into Shelly's apartment, but Fenella's Katie is more welcoming.

When a second neighbor goes missing only a few days later, Fenella finds herself in the middle of two missing person cases, and looking after two dogs. When one of the missing men turns up dead and a third person goes missing, life begins to feel more dangerous for Fenella and Shelly.

Inspector Daniel Robinson is reluctantly on the sidelines as he's busy getting ready to go away for a two-month training course. Missing persons isn't really his area of expertise, either. Can Fenella and Shelly help work out what's going on before anyone else ends up dead?

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The fifth Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available for the Kindle.

When Fenella Woods inherited her spinster aunt's estate, she'd been surprised to learn that Mona had something of a racy past. Everyone she met seemed to have a story about Mona, and most of them seemed to involve wealthy and attractive men.

Even so, Fenella wasn't prepared for a total stranger to start yelling at her at a party, because of her relationship to Mona. Phillipa Clucas thinks that her recently deceased husband had an affair with Mona, something that Mona, (who is still hanging around Fenella's apartment, not quite ready to move on to the afterlife) denies.

An unexplained series of accidents among other women who may or may not have been involved with Phillipa's husband has Fenella worried. CID Inspector Mark Hammersmith, who is covering for Fenella's friend Daniel while he's away, doesn't seem to share her concerns.

Can she persuade Mark that the series of accidents are really murders? Can she convince him that she isn't the common link between the cases? And can she work out what's really happening to the women who used to be Mona's friends without Daniel's help?

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The sixth Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available for the Kindle.

Since she's been on the Isle of Man, Fenella Woods has had the chance to make many new friends. Her closest island friend is her next-door neighbor, Shelly. When a man appears on Shelly's doorstep claiming to have been a childhood friend of Shelly's recently deceased husband, Fenella is quick to try to help Shelly deal with the surprise.

As Shelly tries to work out whether she wants to talk to the man or not, Fenella meets, and dislikes, several of the man's friends who are visiting the island. But when Shelly finally agrees to meet the man, they find out that he had at least one enemy as well.

Police Inspector Mark Hammersmith isn't happy when Fenella finds yet another dead body, even though she barely knew the dead man. Inspector Daniel Robinson, Fenella's friend, is still off the island, though. Fenella has to deal with Mark, whether she likes it or not.

As they learn more about the man and his friends, Shelly and Fenella find themselves caught up in yet another murder investigation. Can they help Mark find the killer before he or she strikes again?

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The seventh Isle of Man Ghostly Cozy is available to pre-order for the Kindle.

Fenella Woods is less than excited when her brother James announces that he's coming to visit her.

She's starting to feel truly settled in her new home on the Isle of Man, but James made it clear when she inherited their Aunt Mona's fortune that he didn't think it was fair. She can only hope that he's just coming for a visit and not for a fight about the estate.

When he arrives with a girlfriend Fenella knew nothing about in tow, she's even less excited about the three-week visit. But James's girlfriend, Stephanie, grew up on the island and she has her own reasons for wanting to be there.

When Stephanie turns up dead, is it just an unfortunate accident or was someone unhappy to see the woman back on the island?

Police Inspector Mark Hammersmith is on the case, and he's quick to consider James as a suspect.

When James recounts a story from Stephanie's past that sounds impossible, Mark seems inclined to discount it as fiction. When someone tries to kill James, though, Fenella is convinced that it's true.

Can she persuade Mark to see things her way? And can she keep her big brother safe from a killer who might just try again?

[Released on May 18th 2018]

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